The Spanking Universe

I just wanted to put in a little plug on my blog for Richard Windsor (The House ofRichard Windsor). He’s been blogging for a long time and if you are not familiar with his site, you can find it here —> Richard’s House.

He has created a second blog recently that informs everyone when all of their favorite spanking blogs have been updated. You can check out the Spanking Universe blog at this url:

Way to go Richard!!

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4 Responses to The Spanking Universe

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you so much for linking in, JuJu, it is much appreciated and will help towards the overall sharing in the community.

    Quick question, is that you in the pic in the top right?

    Richard Windsor.

    • Anonymous says:

      You are most welcome for the link, I have a modest following, but I figure anything helps. To answer your question, no that is not me, but that picture reminds me a lot of myself as a child. I may not have been that cute, but I looked very similar to that.
      Take care houndog!

  2. Thank you for the recommendations! Liked it very veryc much!