Daddy’s Belt

If you know anything about me, you know I hate the term “daddy” so if you are wondering about it, yes, I am being a smartass by using that word in the title.

One of my favorite memories, that I wrote about on here, is when me and my sister Emily examined our dad’s belt, up close and personal. You can review the blog account of that here if you have a desire. Oddly, that entry was posted almost a year ago to the day. What the fuck is up with that? Sometimes I wonder about shit like that. At any rate, that memory holds a lot of fondness for me, but I’m not entirely sure why. Maybe because I am a warped individual.

I don’t think I’ve really described my dad’s belt much. Maybe it is maudlin to do so, I don’t know. What is the etiquette for talking about parental spankings anyway? Is there any? What about the etiquette for talking about spankings in general, is there etiquette for that? If there is etiquette please advise, but be aware I’ve never been one to follow etiquette.

I think the styles of belts have changed over the years. My dad wore several different belts and the one I was spanked with the most was the belt he wore for “everyday.” That belt was a particular style. It was thin. It was only an inch wide at the most, and I am guessing about ¼ inch thick. That might be a bit thick now that I think of it, but anyway his belt was narrow and plenty thick. Men wore narrower styles of belts in the fifties and it seems my dad never quite graduated to the wider style of belt worn in the late sixties and up thru the seventies. No, my dad wasn’t fashion conscious. He always wore a very narrow leather belt, and he still does. I can think of two different brown everyday belts he owned, and both were pretty much the same style.

His belt was genuine leather and not like the shiny patent leather belts you see hanging in stores these days that are meant to be decorative and wimpy and wouldn’t hurt a fly if they were used to spank someone. No, my dad’s belt was solid leather and sort of a rusty brown color. If you have ever been spanked with a belt, you may realize that a narrow or thin belt tends to sting a bit more than a wider or thicker belt. At least in my opinion and experience that is the case.

At any rate, of significance to me was that my dad chose to spank us with the belt he wore. I think that was a somewhat unusual decision on his part. Most parents who spank their children have a spanking implement set aside for that express purpose. They might have a special belt that hangs in the closet, or a hairbrush in the drawer, or a paddle in the cupboard, or whatever. But not at my house. No, at my house my dad used the belt he was wearing, or should I say, was wearing the belt he used, I’m not sure which is better.

The fact that he used the belt that hung around his waist made it more personal. If the belt had been separate from him, I may have grown to hate only the belt, and not necessarily him, but my association with my dad and that belt are linked together in my mind forever. The belt was a part of him, and always on his body. I think as a child I had difficulty separating the two, and frankly, I still do sometimes.

My dad usually had his shirt tucked in and I could see that fucking belt all the time when he was around. I would look over at him and see the belt around his waist and get all nervous and shaky. I didn’t want to go near him or his belt. Is this making any sense? I sometimes make more sense than others.

Anyway, in my opinion there were a lot of strange feelings and psychological implications that came into play because my dad chose to use the belt he was wearing. I thought it was unusual even when I was a kid. Most of my friends were spanked with something that was NOT worn by their parents. Their parents kept the spanking implements separate. I even remember thinking as a kid, “I wish he wouldn’t spank me with the belt he has on.” I still wonder, even today, why he made that choice. Perhaps it was because he didn’t want to be like his own father, who used a strap that hung in the back of the garage in a shed, next to the woodpile. Or maybe he knew it was a badass thing to do, to whip us with his own belt, and that was the sort of thing he was aiming for. I really don’t know.

I want to find out why he did the things he did, but I can’t bring myself to ask him. Do I expect to find the answers on my own? I have no idea. Perhaps some things are better left a mystery anyway. Maybe there isn’t an answer and my dad couldn’t tell me his reasons for doing what he did, even if I asked him. It might have just been a matter of convenience that he chose to use the belt he wore.

One thing is certain, I can’t find a picture of a belt that is like my dad’s belt on the internet anywhere, although, I confess I have not searched high and low or anything. I don’t know if they even make the exact same belt my dad wore, probably not. The picture of the narrow brown belt pictured above might give you some idea what his belt was like, its kinda close actually. My dad’s belt may have been narrower than that one, but whatever it was, it fucking hurt.

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  1. paul1510 says:

    Daddy’s Belt

    JuJu, that is the sort of belt I still use, I think that I may be the same generation as your father, I’m 72.
    I’ve never punished anyone with the belt that I wear.
    I lived in a D/s and D/d marriage for more than 33 years, I’m a widower now.
    For the first 5 to 7 years Mel NEEDED discipline, to keep herself safe and well directed in her studies after she matured the discipline faded into the background, we still spanked , lots, but 95% were erotic. I always knew when Mel needed discipline, we used the strap, the tawse and the cane.
    We adored each other, I was devastated when she died.
    I’m telling you this so that you understand where I’m coming from.
    I’m a little concerned that you often seem down on yourself.
    I only know you from your writing, that tells me that you are a bright and literate woman.
    The terms that you use, such as warped, abnormal, twisted are all subjective terms that are conditioned by the society in which you were raised.
    I know that you have play partners, I hope that you have someone who loves you and will reinforce your sense of self worth.
    Warm hugs,

    • Anonymous says:

      Re: Daddy’s Belt


      My father is 79, so yes it seems you are the same generation. I love hearing about you and Mel, it does my heart good. Most of the negative comments I make about myself are sort of tongue in cheek, I’m a somewhat sarcastic person. I agree with you however, I should probably not make them at all, it’s a bad habit. I have not found a play partner yet that I am totally comfortable with, but I continue to try. I am very untrusting and leery of men in general. My exhusband professed his love for me in words all the time, however his actions didn’t show me that he loved me. I am quite jaded when it comes to reltaionships, however as time goes along and I get some of these negative feelings out and examine them and process them, I am starting to feel a lot better and respect myself much more. So that is a good thing I think.


  2. Anonymous says:

    You mentioned convenience as if it were a minor factor in your dad’s choice of spanking implements, but let’s face it, he had to dole out lots of spankings, in many locales, so choosing something that would always be “ready to hand” must have been important to him. Of course his hands were always available, but a hand gets sore much faster than a belt does over the course of a lengthy spanking.

    By the way, you’re certainly not the only person to emerge from childhood with a fetish for your father’s belt. Here’s a sampling of videos from a YouTube member with a similar hang-up:


    • Anonymous says:


      Thanks for those links, I enjoyed those. I suppose I’m not alone, which makes me feel better. The more I think about it the more I agree that his using his own belt was probably based on convenience more than anything. However, I was spanked with a wooden spoon a lot before my dad started using his belt, but a lot of that was also my mother, and not always my dad. I got the impression my dad was not entirely comfortable using a wooden spoon, he mainly used his hand when I was younger. He was driven so much by his anger, the belt was just probably the easiest thing for him to use, so he did that.
      Hugs, Juju

  3. Anonymous says:

    I never thought about my father’s belt quite like this, but you are exactly right. Sometimes the punishment began when my father undid his belt and pulled it off his waist with a big whoosh. To this day, when I pull my own belt out and hear that sound, I cringe. My dad also preferred the narrow leather ones. In my experience, suit pants tend to have smaller belt loops. I prefer wide belts with my jeans, but I do have to have a narrow one for my suit pants. My dad wore a suit to work every day, so you can imagine what his belt rack was like.

    Did your dad double the belt over and hit you with the curved end? That’s what mine did. I think he may have thought that more humane than using the whole length of the belt. It still hurt like hell, though.

    There’s a scene in Margaret Atwood’s novel “Cat’s Eye” where a character talks about getting a whipping with the buckle end of the belt. Yikes!

    • Anonymous says:

      Forgot to sign.

      – Southern Expat

    • Anonymous says:

      Southern Expat,

      I have that same issue, every time someone pulls their belt off, I get a bit nervous. Yes my dad always doubled over his belt as you describe. I thought it was so he could control it better (which I’m not sure how much that helped), and so it would hurt more. My dad was all about maximum pain so we would learn our lesson. My dad also wore suits to work and he had a number of them, but we didn’t have much money and I think he only really had two different belts, his black one that he wore with his suits, and then his brown one. Once in awhile he whipped me with his black belt, but mostly he would come home from work, change his clothes and wear his thin brown belt around and that’s the one he used the most. By the way I was also spanked with the belt buckle a couple of times, and the belt was still doubled when that happened, I’m not sure why. *cringe*

      Hugs, Juju

  4. Anonymous says:

    The conventional advice, nowadays, is “if you must spank, use only your hand.” It’s come to where spanking with an implement, any implement, is regarded as abusive. (Considering that the consensus is also that the only excuse for spanking is dealing with a child too young to be reasoned with, that is, say, younger than school age, that advice makes sense — no one should NEED an implement to get the message across to a 5 year old or younger.)

    Years ago I knew a devout Baptist who said that the Bible’s advice (which he, of course, regarded as definitive) was just the opposite — to ONLY spank with an implement. He said the reason (it’s not clear to me, now, whether he claimed this REASON was in scripture, or that only the commandment was in scripture and the reason had been worked out by us humans) was that a child will hate the parent if he’s struck with the parent’s own body, but if he’s struck with an implement, he’ll hate the implement itself.

    Given that background into what was already in my brain before I read your post, you can imagine how fascinating I found it. Your father managed to create the worst of both worlds. Because he used an implement that you associated with him, with his body, you hated him instead of (or along with) the implement. Whereas you feel that if he’d used a dedicated implement, you might have resented HIM less, and the implement more.

    I agree with the observation that, the way things went in your family, he needed something he always had handy.

    It fascinates and surprises me that most of your friends’ families had a dedicated implement. Most of the implements seem to have been “pervertables,” that is, belts or hairbrushes or spoons or something that started its existence as something other than a punishment implement. But once it was converted-slash-perverted, your friends’ parents felt a need to keep it separate, as a symbol of punishment. And your dad didn’t.

    And I guess that made you feel like punishment was such a constant part of his thinking, such a constant possibility, that he couldn’t separate himself from the possibility of punishment? That instead of having an implement set aside, he had to have one always at hand? Or have I gone too psychological on us?

    One thing that bothers me about a belt, specifically, is the sexual symbolism. A man takes his belt off in preparation for taking his pants off. Maybe it’s only because I’m a pervert, but I find it . . . disturbing when the first thing a man does in preparing to punish his daughter is also the first thing he’d do in preparing to boink his wife.

    But I doubt, as a child, if you were picking up on that last issue. It was more likely the issue of the dreaded, symbolic instrument of parental disapproval being constantly present on his person.


    • Anonymous says:


      No, I had not associated my dad taking his belt off as being similar to his actions when he was undressing. However, my sister would make comments along those lines sometimes. She would say stuff like, “too bad his pants don’t just fall off when he takes his belt off, it would serve him right,” or words to that effect. I don’t think she was thinking of that as being sexual either, I just think it gave us comfort to think of something bad happening to him.

      Spanking and sex though, I am still trying to sort all that out in my mind and just what I was feeling. I never thought of my dad as sexual, but the feelings a whipping would give me sometimes felt sexual. I am not sure if those were produced from fear or what, but there was some tingling and arousal there for me, involuntarily. Particularly when I was being scolded before I got my bottom whipped.


  5. Anonymous says:

    I thought that on Halloween there would have been more discussion on candy, e.g. Juju Bees, and less on all of this spanking stuff. Oh well.

    • Anonymous says:

      “All this spanking stuff”??? Juju, out of respect for you, I will not get my bitch on over this…

      How creepy to see something that caused you so much pain as an innocent, everyday accessory, always there to remind you. For me, the belt is a huge turn-on, but I did not have any negative experience with it. I can certainly understand why you would have a Pavlovian reaction to it even now. Hugs, Erica

      • Anonymous says:


        You can “get your bitch on” anytime and I’ll support it. HUGS! for even wanting to do that for me!

        I feel I have not done very well at explaining my fascination, mixed with love and hate, for the belt. I think it is because I really don’t fully understand my feelings about it. I do have a Pavlovian response to it, whether I want one or not. I remember I was having sex with my exhusband a few times before we got married or just after we were married and we were in a huge rush and all he had time for was to unbuckle his belt and pull his pants down slightly and for some reason him wearing his belt while we had sex was a huge turn-on for me. The belt certainly evokes “positive” as well as “negative” responses from me. Hugs, Juju

    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah I can never stop thinking about spanking. LOL

  6. Anonymous says:

    I guess it’s a fact that some of us do develop a fascination for the object we got spanked with. Where did it come from? What else is it used for? Where is it kept? We’re interested in the details of what it’s made of, its shape, weight, size, texture, color. The sounds it made. The marks it left. We want to know why it felt the way it felt to get spanked with it, and when we see it we remember.

    I know I’ve read many a spanko tale where that action of a father removing his belt is something remembered with great significance. For others, a similar important gesture might be rolling up the sleeves, or the issuing of a dreaded command. I’m trying to imagine what it would have been like if my father had walked around the house with what we got paddled with, and it’s a freaky thought. If it had been his belt, I would have expected I’d just get used to the idea, but that’s not how it worked for you, Julie. The associations to you of your dad and the belt he both wore and spanked you with sound like just the kind of mystery we spankos would ponder. I think it’s pretty hot that you have this fascination, and if we’re both a little crazy, then all the better. :-)


    • Anonymous says:


      I used to feel self-conscious about my feelings when it came to belts, now I also think it is “hot” most of the time. LOL Thanks for your thoughts on this subject, as always I find them very interesting and in sych with my own. Hugs, Juju

  7. Anonymous says:

    Daddy’s belt

    Julie, I’ve commented before that the belt is among Cindy and my ‘favorites’. Actually I normally love a good hard spanking with a thick wide leather belt.

    It is deeply personal for both of us. Not only when she watches me take it off as I tell Cindy to lower her pants, but on the rare occasions when she takes off my own belt to spank me with it.

    Your mixed feelings seem very normal for a person who was punished hard as a child with the belt, and developed into a spanko. At least to me, for what it’s worth!


    • Anonymous says:

      Re: Daddy’s belt


      It gives me encouragement that you think my feelings might be normal! LOL I am fine being spanked with a belt as long as it doesn’t resemble the one my dad wore, if it does I would probably pass. I was spanked enough with my dad’s belt to get my fill of that particular style of belt, though I admit sometimes I think about being spanked with his belt again, but my reaction when I think about it is often mixed. You may find this surprising but there is a certain sense of comfort for me in being spanked with the belt. It feels to me sorta like “an old friend” or something. It is familiar and something I know. Other implements scare me much more than the belt does. That might be where my sense of “like” comes in.


  8. Anonymous says:

    daddy thick black belt


  9. newbethany says:

    I just discovered your website. Very impressive. I know a woman who has a fetish for belts. Unlike most women she did not want to be spanked, she wanted to do the spanking. She felt if her husband needed a whipping she’d send him to the bedroom and have him undo his belt buckle but she was the one who drew it out of his belt loops very slowly. She was so insistent that it had to be pulled slowly that she even called the man in charge of Spanking Cental a website for M-M to follow her advice. Naturally all of her whippings were on the bare bottom. I think she prefered the hands of the knees position to laying over the bed.

    I too like belts. I have a thick leather belt with a VMI buckle (Virginia Military Institue) that I wear all of the time and I have a 58 inch long heavy whipping belt from Mexico, with ridges. The latter is definitely an instrument of torture. I can picture my old Pastor with a belt like that for church members who disobey the rules. He was a big guy but his waist isn’t that large. Great Journal. I hope you check mine out too since we have similar ideas, though my journal has a religious theme.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hmmm, when you describe this situation with that woman sending her husband to the bedroom to unbuckle his belt and wait, it made me sort of hot!

      I don’t think whipping someone over the bed is necessarily the best way to use the belt, but when my dad was spanking us, he seemed to think it was. I like the hands and knee position too.

      Your belts both sound wonderful!! The belt from Mexico sounds like a real painful way to be punished. OUCH!

      I’m so glad you said hello and that you found my blog! HUGS!

      • newbethany says:

        It was an incredible conversation. Her husband was a construction worker and had no interest in being spanked. They had some kind of agreement in their marriage that allowed her to discipline him whenever he did something wrong, such as neglect his chores. And these were real whippings. He’d have to cut a switch and bring it back to her. She’d put the children to bed and when they were older send them outside to play. She didn’t want the kids to know that Daddy had been bad and needed to have his bottom whipped. Then she took him to the bedroom and made him take his pants and underpants down assume the position, hands on the knees and looking straight ahead. The remark that made me hot was when she told me that she grabbed his shirt tail and wrapped it tight in his hand so that it was a handle. She usually gave him 6 lashes. What frustrated her the most was he would never cry. He screamed of course bur no tears ever appeared. In fact she wanted to know if I cried during an adult spanking from my companion and felt frustration that men usually didn’t cry. Anyway after 14 years of marriage and numerous whippings from his wife he had had enough and divorced her. This poor woman was heart broken. She loved her husband but he just couldn’t stand getting spanked by her.

  10. jake craig says:

    Dude, get over it! I got’IT’ with my old mans belt, often the one he wore! Hated to hear that fucker being unbuckled, pulled through his jean loops, and halfed, then applied across my bare ass! Hell, that was the way we kids got brought up, and most if not all my friends got it too! The other one, his army belt, hung in his upstairs closet. If I had been real bad, ok, son, go upstairs and fetch my army belt. HATED that. Next. down to the basement where he’s tie my wrists and ankles as I bent over the wood horse! PAIN, soon my throbbing butt cheeks would be covered with 3 inch wide stripes, soon turning to black and blue, and my behind would be 3 sizes swollen! Man, ask your Dad about him and his belt, said to say my Dad is now gone, but he did me good-I grew up to be strong, protective, hard working, and I do spank my 3 sons!