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Young Love

Andy continued to kiss Amber, sliding his tongue between her loosely parted lips.  They were both seniors in high school and it had taken Andy ever since their sophomore year to gather enough courage to finally ask Amber out on a date.  Now after two weeks of seeing each other, it was becoming their regular ritual to drive away together every afternoon and park in Andy’s old beat up Toyota truck.

Andy pressed his hand against Amber’s back pocket as they kissed and he began to lightly caress her round bottom over top of her tight jeans.  He wanted so badly to smack her bottom and then take her over his knee and give her a good spanking, but of course he would never dare tell her.       

Amber had dated a lot of boys in high school, but Andy had always had something that caught her eye.  She was glad when he finally got the courage to ask her out on a date.  She enjoyed being with him more and more with each passing day.  As they kissed, her hands moved down Andy’s back, lingering absently at his waist.  She was lost in her thoughts as he passionately kissed her and rubbed her bottom.  

Suddenly without warning, Andy pulled away and looked intently into her pale brown eyes.  “What is it?”  Amber asked nervously.    

“You’ve been fingering my belt for the last five minutes,” he smiled. 

Amber’s face turned crimson, “Oh my God, I’m sorry,” she said looking away.

Andy was not sorry at all and he had wondered for some time if it were possible they shared the same fantasies.  He sat back against the seat smiling at her with amusement.  He realized his next sentence needed to be carefully worded because he didn’t want to scare her or make her think he was a freak.  “Do you like belts?”  He teased and then cursed himself silently for what he was sure was the wrong approach.

She wanted to die right then and there.    

“The way you were touching my buckle and belt just now…” Andy couldn’t finish. 

“I feel like an idiot,” Amber said looking away uncomfortably.  

Andy knew he was blowing it.  “Don’t feel like an idiot,” he sighed trying to reassure her.  “Belts are great, but I was sort of hoping you would eventually move your hand a little lower,” he grinned, but he could tell she was still very embarrassed.  “It’s interesting, I once knew a kid whose parents punished him with the belt, were you ever spanked?”  Of course this was a white lie to get her talking.  He had never known anyone to be spanked with a belt.

If it was possible for her face to become redder Amber was sure it was happening, “No way!  My parents would never do that,” she said and her heart was beating a mile a minute.  

“Yeah my parents never spanked me either,” he said quietly, “Though I sometimes wondered what it would be like.”

“Er, yeah me too,” Amber said quietly and wondered if Andy could possibly have any idea about her obsession with spanking and how she masturbated constantly when thinking about it.     

Andy didn’t know what to say next, so he reached over and gently placed her hands on his belt again, helping her fingers move over the buckle and across the leather.  “Let’s keep going, I didn’t mean for us to stop,” he said and began kissing her once again.

Chills went up and down her spine as her fingers slid across the thick leather of his belt, and she shuddered slightly as he resumed caressing her bottom.  His caresses became more forceful as he began to kiss her harder.  Most boys wanted to touch her breasts, but that never turned her on the way someone touching her bottom did, and she loved the way it made her feel and the way it made her think of spanking. 

Andy wondered if she had any inkling how much he longed to spank her and how much he obsessed over it day and night.  He was worried about losing this opportunity and not being able to get it back.  He decided to push her further.  He sat up again looking into her eyes playfully.  “You know, some people have been known to spank each other, as part of foreplay for sex.  I’ve wondered about trying it sometime, do you think it might be fun to try sometime, just once?” 

He knew his face was beet red, and he was losing all credibility if he hoped to appear macho.  But he also knew if he was going to try it with any girl, he wanted it to be Amber.    

This was the opportunity she had been waiting for and wasn't sure what to think now that it had suddenly fallen into her lap.  She had dated plenty of boys in the past and thought obsessively about them spanking her, but none had ever talked to her about spanking, and she hadn't dared to bring up the subject.  She didn’t want to appear too eager, but her heart quickened at the thought of Andy spanking her, “That might be fun to try sometime,” she said.       

Andy was relieved.  He had been worried she might push him away and never want to see him again after such a suggestion, but his instincts so far had worked to his advantage, so he pressed forward.  He leaned over and resumed kissing her.  “You know no one else is around” he said stopping again and pointing out that they were parked out in the woods, well out of the way of being discovered.  “Maybe this might be a good time to try it?” 

Amber couldn’t believe this was happening, “Okay,” she said with a nervous laugh. 

The leaves were turning brown and falling from the trees and the air had a slight edge.  Andy opened the passenger side door to let her out.  She shivered nervously, half from excitement and half from the cool air.  

Andy had a painful hard-on thinking about what they were about to do and he could barely walk.  He led her to a nearby stump about 10 feet from the truck and sat down, gently taking her wrist and pulling her over his lap.  They both giggled nervously.  All of their fantasies were about to come true.  Andy had no idea what he was doing as he began to slap her bottom.  He raised his open hand and began to smack her on her beautiful bottom atop her jeans, starting out rather slow and increasing the force each time.   

Amber could hardly believe how turned on she was getting.  She felt the smack of his hand on her jean-clad bottom and it stung a little, but did not hurt.  She enjoyed the feeling of being over his lap getting her bottom smacked and her mind raced through fantasies she often had of getting spanked.  She wiggled with delight.     

Before he knew what was happening Andy had become so aroused he could hardly contain his excitement and much to his disappointment he released the white hot liquid he had been holding back into his pants, unable to contain himself.  He stopped smacking her bottom briefly as a result and silently cursed himself for not being able to have more self control.  It had been so arousing for him to be able to live out his fantasy of spanking her bottom, and to look down and see her perfectly shaped bottom and realize he was the one smacking it.  It had been more than he could stand.  He hoped Amber had no idea what had happened.  He used the edge of his tee shirt to wipe away a small amount of cum that had spurted out of the top of his jeans.  His face turned bright red and he breathed deeply.     

Amber was naïve and did not have a clue what was happening.  She wondered why he had stopped and twisted her head around slowly to look up at him.  “What’s the problem?  You’re not taking off your belt are you?”  She asked jokingly.

“No, but I was thinking about it,” he smirked, trying to recover his senses enough to continue spanking her.   

Amber squirmed with delight as he continued smacking her bottom.  After another thirty seconds, she decided to be bold.  “I kind of want you to try the belt on me, but not too hard,” she said.  It had been her fantasy for a long time to feel the belt and she felt herself become very wet thinking about it and knowing it could now become a reality.  

He was glad for the opportunity to finally stand up and adjust his clothing after his earlier accident.  He took off his thick black belt with emphasis and pulled his tee shirt down to hide the wet spot that was visible near the top of his left front pocket, hoping she wouldn’t see it and realize how excited she had made him.     

She was too interested in what was about to happen to notice the wet spot.  She eagerly turned around, placing her hands on the old tree stump with her bottom sticking out.  “Not too hard,” she said somewhat nervously.  This was her first spanking and it was his first time to spank anyone, and so far the experience was proving to be a lot of fun for both of them.  

The belt was just about the right size.  It was 32 inches long and about 16 inches in length when doubled over.  Even though he had just climaxed while spanking her, he was still very aroused as he doubled over the belt.  He slapped the doubled belt against her protruding backside very lightly at first, taking careful aim.   

She closed her eyes as he began to whap her, smiling a little at first because it made very little impact.  Then his courage increased and he whapped her harder.  This time a thrill went up her spine as she felt the leather against her bottom.  After a couple more hard whaps he stopped.  She stood up and hugged him laughing with delight.  He kissed her with vigor and as he released her they both tried to make light of the situation.  They were somewhat embarrassed, being young and inexperienced. 

“What did you think?”  He asked. 

She smiled, “It was sort of fun,” she grinned.

Neither of them had any real experience with sex, and didn’t know how to take their state of arousal to the next level comfortably so they climbed back into the truck and sped towards home.  It was a school night, and they both had homework.  They would both find it difficult if not impossible to concentrate on their homework after their afternoon together, but they knew they needed to try.   

They had shared one of the most intimate moments possible with one another.  It was their first spanking experience.  From here, there was no stopping them.  They continued to try spanking after that day and several weeks after their first time, they gave up their virginity to one other eagerly.  Six months later Andy confessed all about his little “accident” to Amber, and they both laughed and joked about it for a long time.  They had created a bond between them that would not easily be broken.



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