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The Debutante

Melanie lifted the razor strop from the rusty nail and slowly handed it to her father. She had felt the sting of the strap twice before, once at the age of nine and again at the age of twelve. Her legs were shaking and her eyes began to fill with tears. She tried to swallow the lump forming in her throat, but it was impossible. Her heart was racing a mile a minute. The old razor strop was hung there years earlier as a deterrent to bad behavior. Melanie’s father was old fashioned in his beliefs, even for a man of the late 1940’s.

Her father took the strap from Melanie’s trembling hand. “Lift up your dress and take down your panties.” He said firmly. “Then turn around and place your hands flat on the bench in front of you.”

The dress she was wearing was made of a light cotton material with a full skirt. She wore a white ruffled petticoat beneath the dress so that it would help her dress stand out and look fuller. The top of her dress was tailored to fit her thin form, and had a plunging neckline and no sleeves. The dress was elegant and perfect for her combination eighteenth birthday and coming out party. Two weeks ago, she had successfully graduated from one of the finest Prep Schools in the country and in the fall she would be attending Brown University.

Melanie slowly turned away from her father and began to pull up her the skirt of her dress and petticoat as instructed. Her mind raced back in time several hours earlier and she thought of how happy she had been preparing for the party. Everything had seemed perfect and her joy was complete when the party was in full swing and Jesse had arrived.

Jesse was two years into his studies at Princeton University and was home on leave for the summer to work in his father’s law office. Melanie had harbored a crush on Jesse ever since she was thirteen years old. They had flirted with one another every chance they got while growing up, and there was something between them that was magnetic. Jesse was the son of her parent’s best friends and he was stunningly handsome with his piercing blue eyes and jet black hair. He was beginning to look like a man after his two years away at Princeton, and just the mere sight of him was enough to melt Melanie’s heart. Melanie had received her first kiss from Jesse two summers ago before he left for college. Last summer they had met one another socially on several occasions, and had engaged in some intense kissing when they could steal away from the group.

As the party commenced, Melanie and Jesse danced together to the live music provided by the band. They kept their distance at arms length, careful not to draw unwanted attention. Jesse whispered in Melanie’s ear from time to time as they danced and she giggled with delight. She was no longer as naïve and innocent as she had once been. When Jesse saw an opportunity, he led her away from the crowd and out into the secluded garden and began to kiss her passionately. She did not resist his kisses nor did she put up a fuss as he began to undo the zipper in the back of her dress and reach inside the front of her dress to lightly caress her budding breasts. In his ardent endeavors he managed to slip her dress down so that her breasts were fully exposed. Their tongues were intertwined and Melanie felt a raging heat begin to build between her legs. They both felt as if they were the only two people in the world.

Melanie’s joy came to an abrupt halt when her father discovered her in Jesse’s arms with her pert breasts exposed. He was angry to see his “chaste” daughter in such a state and wasted very little time telling Jesse it was time for him to leave. Jesse quickly retreated, giving Melanie a look of apology.

“No daughter of mine will conduct herself like this and I don’t care if it is your birthday.” Her father scolded angrily. “I did not raise my daughter to be a slut. We’re going to take care of this right now!” He promptly escorted her to the boat house. She protested but to no avail.

Her hands shook as she began to pull down her panties. Her legs began to tremble as she leaned forward and placed her hands flat on the bench as instructed. Her bottom was exposed and she waited for her punishment. Her father wasted little time, he raised the strap high in the air bringing it down forcefully against his daughter’s tender bare bottom.

“Oouch!” she cried in shock as the first blow struck her. She barely had time to recover from the shock before the next one followed. “Ouch!” The second smack hurt so fiercely she immediately let go of the bench and stood up.

“Hands flat on the bench.” He said sternly. “If your hands come up again, I will add five more.”

The rule of the house was one lick per year of age, so she knew she was already going to receive eighteen. To add another five would be horrible, so she gripped the bench tightly and braced for the third smack. “Owww” she cried out and her knees crumpled from the intense sting.

“Stand still. If you move your legs again I will add another five.” He said sternly.

To be made to stand still and take such harsh punishment was torture. She desperately wanted it to be over. She sobbed in protest as she felt the sting of the fourth smack, but she held firmly to her position as instructed. She knew she had no choice but to take what was coming and it filled her with indignant rage and panic. She gripped the bench as another smack tore against her tender flesh “Ouch!” She closed her eyes and started to cry loudly.

Her father was a firm disciplinarian, and although he had rarely spanked any of his children, he believed in what he was doing and that it was necessary to teach obedience and compliance. He viewed his role as disciplinarian as one of his primary obligations as a father. He continued delivering severe smacks despite the fact he knew she was in pain.

She wanted to swear from the intense pain, but being raised to be a lady she knew it was not appropriate, so she held her tongue. Near the end of her strapping, her legs trembled and she moved them back and forth to stave off the burning. She had to be warned again to hold still as her father delivered the final four smacks of the strap. She was sobbing uncontrollably by the time he finished.

“You may pull up your panties now” he said in more subdued tone of voice.

She could barely stand. Her bottom was on fire, but she managed to quickly pull up her panties. She then let her dress lightly fall down once again over her sore red bottom. She stood before her father sobbing in anguish and he gently reached out and took her by the shoulder, turning her around to face him. He handed her a handkerchief to wipe her eyes and blow her nose. Then he took her in his arms and embraced her. “Shhh, it’s over now.” He said quietly. She hugged him and sobbed against the lapel of his suit burrowing her head against him as he patted her back, reassuring her it was over.

“It is not appropriate for a girl your age to be caught in the situation I found you in a few moments ago.” He said quietly as he helped her dry her remaining tears. “Do you understand?” He asked.

“Yes I do.” She managed.

He lifted her chin lightly with his finger and gazed down at her. “You have turned into a fine young lady, and I don’t want to see you spoil your chance for a happy life. Don’t let me ever catch you like that again.”

“I won’t” she sobbed.

The entire experience lasted less than fifteen or twenty minutes and the party continued in full swing with no one aware of the guest of honor receiving her comeuppance 100 yards away in the boat house.
Her father soon left her alone to collect herself. When she was able to calm down and compose herself, she returned to her party in plenty of time to blow out the candles on her cake and join her guests. She was heart broken that Jesse was no longer at the party, but she smiled when she thought of their whispered exchange while dancing about a planned rendezvous later in the week. Young love would not be stopped no matter the cost.

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