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This is the first novel I completed.  Due to the overwhelming response of my readers, I decided to self-published it at Lulu.com. 
The downloadable version of the book is currently priced at $4.00.
The paperback version is 6 x 9 inches and is 520 pages long.  It is discounted on Lulu at a price of $16.66. 
A synopsis of the book is as follows:
Alexis, a rebellious teenage girl, is forced to live with her unconventional father, Drew. With his help, Alexis discovers the love and acceptance she so desperately needs and she slowly begins to turn her life around. Drew's strict methods of discipline are tempered by his good humor, unwavering loyalty, and his deep and abiding love for those around him. With the support of her good friends Lizzie and Joey, Alexis faces the challenges of the everyday world. Drew's girlfriend, Michelle, unwittingly becomes a mother to Alexis, Lizzie, and Joey, and as a collective family the five of them work together in overcoming heartache, temptation, addiction, rejection, and Drew's shady past.
Like most of my fiction, the book contains a lot of spanking.
If you are interested in purchasing the book from Lulu.com click here --  Alexis 

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please click here -- Alexis

A Kindle edition of the book can be purchased here -- Alexis 
    Unfortunately, the book is no longer available for free.
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